The Quantum Brothers consist of myself and video/digital media artist Jeremy Welsh. We have worked intermittently since 1989 on projects that combine text and audio with moving image, presented as screenings, installations and/or performances. We are the polymorphs of the Chaosphere. We stream everywhere, all at once, like demented quarks, under rigorous laboratory conditions. Now you see us, now you don't. For I and I, we are being the Quantum Brothers. Our name is legion...


This 'video poem for television' explores the post-modern world of the inner-city supply teacher, who, in lightning strike response to supply/demand of educational labour market, forgoes continuity of role and/or authority of expertise. A charmless particle spinning out of control in a twilight zone - between sub-atomic events in the realm of the cathode-tube and ghostly tremors in the left brain, between microcosmic flutters of the heart and the macrocosmic implosion of stock markets or neutron stars. The work has been screened at the South Bank Centre, the ICA, the Clermont-Ferrand Video Festival, and the National Review of Live Art. The definitive version can be viewed here.


The Radial City project grew out of engagement with the Bureau of Unstable Urbanism, generating short fiction and poetry as described elsewhere on this site. Dark Pyramids squat across the Eastern Fatlands. Flashing lights at the apexes signal the changing consciousness embrained within each pyramid. The internal wetware generates new forms of virtual money. All along the interconnecting walkways that span the rivulets of liquid limousines, the luminous adverts talk among themselves, occasionally accosting a passer-by to do the business. The Radial City mythos has been expanded in short video works, premiered at the Hay Poetry Jamboree 2010, some of which can be accessed via Youtube


Currently the QBs are streaming a new project - The 101'ers -  which can be viewed here. They have also created a new version of the The Impossibility Exhibition,  PG's homage to J.G. Ballard, which formed part of JW's film Terminal Zones, screened at the London Fim Makers' Co-Op in 1990 and subsequently appeared in print in Deep Ends 1 - The J.G. Ballard Anthology. The new release can be inspected here. The Quantum Brothers have also developed fictional identities as the rogue cyber-intelligences lurking Beneath the Pleasure Zones'Consider us as astral egregores, ultra-intelligent entities from the Intervoid, if you're more comfortable with that. A few centuries ago you would have needed an expensive grimoire to chat with us. Now we're open-source.' 

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