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These film and television projects have been created in partnership with co-writer/producer Adrian Lord

The Terror Of Our Ways


Logline:  A teenage loner from a dysfunctional family, obsessed by conspiracy theory, seeks a new identity by converting to Islam - but his conversion is exploited in unexpected ways, with terrifying consequences.


In a bleak Lancashire town, Liam, a teenage loner from a dysfunctional family, becomes obsessed with conspiracy theories. This brings him into conflict with struggling mother Angela, feckless Uncle Seamus, his college teacher and certain students in a far-right youth group. His liberal Muslim friend Ali suggests that conversion to Islam might resolve his existential crisis. He embraces his new faith fervently, (especially as he is attracted to Ali’s sister Fatima). Angered by the wars in the Middle East he soon pursues a radical version of jihad. Angela asks Eamon, his uncle from Belfast, to counsel him. and steer him away from extremism. But Eamon with Seamus’s help, exploits Liam’s zeal (which has been further fuelled by a racist attack on Fatima)-for his own ideological ends, as well as for a private agenda. He employs persuasion and ultimately abduction to train Liam and Fatima for a lethal mission.


The script, conceived by Paul Green, Adrian Lord and Stephen Rigg, was long-listed by BBC Writers Room in 2018 and continues to be in development with Blackdog Productions. To read it, plus a one page pitch, overview, pitch deck, budgets, production schedule and sales estimates, go to: The Terror of Our Ways

How The Web Was Won


Logline: It’s 1995. Four unlikely Lancashire lads begin riding rough-shod along the Super Information Highway, making up the rules along their iconoclastic way to success.


In a small declining Northern town, Adam is a builder who also manages a band, fronted by Wayne, a brash estate agent and wannabe rock star. Tom, keyboard player and aspiring philosopher, suggests they buy a computer to design posters. But Adam grasps the potential of a whole new medium - The World Wide Web! Recruiting reclusive tech nerd Jared, they form a pioneering web design start up - Trip/S/Witch!


Branding themselves ‘The Sex Pistols of the Cyber-Web’ and subverting normal business practices in a haze of dope and psychedelic drugs, they profit from being first in the field, both local and nationally, storming the media with their messianic pitch for the new digital universe.


But that anarchic energy spirals off in different directions. Wayne still wants to promote his band and is diverted into dubious capers, Tom increasingly views the company as a techno-mystical cult rather than a business, while Jared simply wants to keep his head down and marry the girl next door. Adam, post-divorce, is torn between Yvonne, a Lancashire witch and Jenny, a tabloid journalist. Trip/S/Witch’s ‘Cyberotic Zone’ draws the traffic but complications arising from it finish Tom’s marriage.


Wayne attempts a deal behind Adam’s back, Jenny writes a sensationalist article about them, affecting trade, while rival outfits emerge. By 9/11/2001, it’s all over - but it’s been an exhilarating ride, as well as a learning experience - especially for Adam.


The project has been  conceived as a feature film or as a four part TV series. To read  a one page pitch, an overview of the project,  plus the film treatment, the television treatment and a sample TV episode, go to: How the Web Was Won

Black Sunrise


Logline: An ex-soldier, scarred by his Afghanistan experiences and alarmed by the disintegration of British society, is persuaded to join a right-wing extremist group - only to find that it is being manipulated  by an organisation with its own arcane agenda.​


An occult thriller, in five episodes. Pete Hunter, an ex-soldier maimed in Afghanistan, embittered and confused by an increasingly dystopian UK, is rescued from the streets by brother Doug, who persuades him to join the Aryan Alliance. This white supremacist group is covertly sponsored by the Order of the Black Sun, founded in the 70s by rock musician Max Nova and his mistress Lady Waterford. The Alliance moves from 'community outreach' to violence, so a young female MI5 officer infiltrates the group by befriending Pete. After Black Sun leaders order Doug to eliminate an Alliance sergeant for paedophilia, Pete has to prove himself by participating in a ritual execution. In subsequent episodes, Pete is initiated into the Black Sun and learns their real agenda, exploiting the chaos of the UK, now a battleground of rival militias, to clear the way for the emergence of a new breed of post-human super beings.


To read a one page pitch, an overview of the project, a sample episode and bible/treatment, plus an audio verson for broadcast/podcast, go to: Black Sunrise

Adam Kadmon


Logline: Investigator/mystic Adam Kadmon struggles with daily life but solves mysteries with the help of his tough young assistant Beckett.


A ten episode series. Cerebral Adam Kadmon solves crimes and paranormal phenomena using magical techniques derived from Kabbalistic mysticism. But he struggles with the practicalities of modern life and the demands of family. He needs tough Tom Beckett as his minder and the support of daughter Miriam. He also has to prove his worth to hard-nosed police officers - although Detective Sergeant Mouadi is on his side. Each episode relates to one of the ten Kabbalistic Spheres. Thus in the sample episode Hod- Sphere of Thought  a prize-winning novelist starts talking  gibberish and kills her TV host while a Pentecostal congregation can't stop speaking in tongues, summoning a demon of verbal chaos that goes viral on the city streets.  Kadmon and Beckett risk their own sanity in confronting the threat.


To read a one page pitch, an overview of the project, a sample episode and a complete bible with treatments for other episodes, plus an audio version for broadcast/podcast, go to: Adam Kadmon 




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