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The Gestaltbunker - Selected Poems 1965-2010

This collection includes material published in earlier chapbooks and also numerous magazines including Poetry Review, New Worlds, Reality Studios, Sunfish, Poetics Journal and Prism International. 'From his cloister Brother Paul emerges, jazzed and weaponised. As raw as a Delta Blues in a sharecropper's shack, yet as sinister as Flash Gordon playing Faustus on the Mongo fault-line abyss.' (Lawrence Russell). '(Its) publication) is a cause for celebration.' (Brian Marley - Golden Handcuffs Review). 'What remains consistent is Green's experimental faculty, which inhabits new voices and styles with confidence and ease.' (Sean Hewitt - The Cadaverine). 'The work has a brilliant momentum.' (Colin Wilson)  'Thrillingly dystopian.' (John Goodby).

 Here Comes the Alchemical Revolution

'These poems document how identity dissolves and coagulates in the media landscape, via the writer's engagement with music, film, esoterica and memory.' This thirty-page e-book is a free download from Jeffrey Side's Argotistonline. Click on Cathy Green's cover image for a direct link. Or browse through Argotistonline - most recent titles at bottom of page.

A Beginner's Guide to Radial City

This Kindle e-book collates the poems and shorter texts from the Radial City project, with images by fellow Quantum Brother Jeremy Welsh. The wonders and horrors of inhabiting Radial City are evoked. 'The stability of the City's reality-flux modulates and mutates over many cycles... Its radiance is monitored in the instrumentation rooms of the Bureau at its central point -  which is also a floating point.' Visual renditions of some of the pieces can be accessed via my Video page. They can also be read in the context of the Radial City fabulations listed on the Fiction page.



Shadow Times - in preparation

This new collection will include work published in Black Box Manifold, Blazevox, e-Ratio, International Times, Junction Box, Litter, M 58, NoD MagazineOxmag and  Molly Bloom.

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