I've performed at many venues, including the South Bank Centre, The Horse Hospital, Sub-Voicive, RASP, Angels of Fire, Oxford Poetry Festival, St Augustine's Tower, Pendle Witch Camp, Hay Poetry Jamboree and the London Musicians Collective, plus universities, schools and colleges.  In London I've appeared at the Blue Bus, Virtual Futures and Corroding the Now, while in the East Sussex area I've performed at the Electric Palace, Coastal Currents, Short Fuse, Hastings Fringe, Sheer Poetry, Sheared Wit, Kino Teatr, The Book Maker and Hi Zero. I am a member of North Hertfordshire Poetry ID and have taken part in local readings I have also given talks in London and elsewhere on various esoteric topics. If you're interested in setting up an event, contact me.


Work in Progress

I have collaborated with Adrian Lord and Stephen Rigg on The Terror of Our Ways a feature-length film script for Blackdog Productions, an independent production company in the North of England.  Adrian and I have also developed Adam Kadmon, Kabbalistic Detective  and Black Sunrise as projects for TV. As well as preparing a collection of short fiction, a new poetry collection and developing the Quantum Brothers' operations, I'm have completed a new novel, Dream Clips of the Archons. An extract is now on line at The Mechanics Institute Review, while another  another sequence from it won first prize in  the short story category of the Hastings Literary Festival Competition 2019. The complete book is now available. A new novel Remote Sensing has now been completed and awaits publication. I have also completed a radio play  The Enemy of TIme, about Vorticist artist and writer Wyndham Lewis.







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