Babalon and Other Plays

Scarlet Imprint has published this selection of ten dramas for radio and/or stage, including work performed by CBC, BBC Radio 3, RTE, Resonance FM and Travesty Theatre, which presented the title play evoking the tempestuous life of occultist/rocketeer Jack Parsons. Other pieces explore the lives of witchcraft scholar Fr. Montague Summers and  British R&B warlock Graham Bond, or themes like dream control, necromantic ritual and voice phenomena. My Graham Bond play 'The Magus of Klook's Kleek' was performed as audio theatre at the Peer Hat, Manchester in 2023 as part of the Manchester Folk Horror Festival. Here's the recording. Other radio drama on line includes The Dream Laboratory, The Voice Collection and Babalon.




The Terror of Our Ways

I have collaborated with Adrian Lord and Stephen Rigg on this feature-length screenplay. The script is now available on Amazon and the project continues to be in development.

Liam Casey is an impressionable sixteen year old college student and he’s struggling with an identity crisis, in a dysfunctional family, facing a future that looks increasingly dystopian. A loner, he becomes obsessed by bizarre conspiracy theories, which he tries to explain to his only friend, Ali, a Muslim.

Islam seems to provide the answers Liam is seeking while Ali’s sister Fatima offers the possibility of romance. Liam’s mother Angela hopes his uncles will steer him back into the family fold. But militant Eamon exploits both him and feckless Seamus for a secret agenda of terror and revenge.

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